Ruger Blackhawk 357/9mm 3 Screw Unmodified mid 60’s

Ruger Blackhawk 3 Screw, 1965 Vintage, 357Mag/9mm Convertible unmodified condition.

This revolver has no box or paperwork, but is one of the early models before hyphenated serial numbers. Has a decent trigger pull, and is in nice condition for your shooting pleasure. Cylinder has some pitting, the previous owner never removed it from it’s cloth sack, and moisture got to it.  See it at Crystal Coast Pawn shop 4010 Arendell St Morehead City NC

Contact Dave at 252 648-0231 to arrange to see this. If you have a North Carolina concealed carry permit & NCDL you can take it home with you. All others will go through your FFL.

$650 no tax Shipping is a flat $25 to the continental USA. Slightly higher in Alaska or Hawaii. NO Sales to states like California that require special paperwork and added safety equipment or modifications. This gun can only safely be loaded with 5 cartridges. The sixth chamber should be empty and lined up with the hammer, preventing accidental discharge if the gun is dropped on the hammer.

See it at Crystal Coast Pawn shop 4010 Arendell St Morehead City NC

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